Tiago Bom

ISBN 978-82-92224-45-8
88 pages
15,5 x 21,5 cm
Digital print
Hardcover, embossment
Edition of 100
€ 25.00

Transmutação by Tiago Bom documents the local ecologies and distinctive floras and faunas of north-eastern regions of India (West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh). Photographs of archaeological artifacts and architectural remains of western regions of Europe (Portugal and Norway), are interspersed throughout this catalogue of images.

Transmutation refers to a change in state; a transformation from one form to another as mirrored by alchemical tradition – a philosophical and proto-scientific discipline. The title relates to the itinerant character of the images and the implicit mental transmutation of the visiting photographer for to travel is to voluntarily engage in transmutation.

This book makes use of the symbolic associations of the subjects photographed and it groups together the images into five chapters pertaining to the main stages of the transmutational work according to european medieval alchemy. The images are further arranged by reference to the Jungian Chrysopoeia of psychological transformation.